How we plan the wedding in our agency

I prepared this article for you, dear newlyweds, to make you understand how all stages of the wedding preparation are look like. I won’t describe here the enormous amount of our work, but simply list the order of the main actions.

I know that not everyone understand correctly what the wedding agency does, and is it necessary to hire a wedding planner,so I want to point our several important items:

1. The wedding planning in our agency is not just a set of services, of which you could choose. We create an event, that in the process of labor-intensive, responsible and creative work, is filled with a meaning and idea, and as a result, turns to a single, whole organism.

2. Yes, you can plan a beautiful wedding yourself, but a special, unique, emotional and memorable wedding- is an art, excellence and unique experience. All you can see on our website is created by the hard work of a large number of people and by the fact that we dedicate all our strengths and time to it.

3. We select professionals who, in our opinion, are right for you, and who deserve to represent our agency at your wedding !!! That’s why we do not have the objective of offering the cheapest services.

4. Knowledge of all the subtlety of wedding planning, clarity and systematic work allow us not to miss a single detail. A high level of work and attentive attitude will ensure you a calm and confidence that all your expectations and dreams of an ideal wedding will come true.

5. We take full responsibility for your celebration, and we give you the opportunity to participate in all planning as much as you want or devote it as much time as you have.

So, that’s how the preparation and wedding planning proses will take place in our agency.
We will:
— get to know each other better and understand ,how do you imagine your wedding? We will tell you about fashion trends and about what your wedding could look like;
— develop an individual concept of a wedding celebration; we will select photo collages and drawings,that illustrate the style and color scheme of the wedding;
— elaborate a general budget estimate, and we will correctly allocate the budget, in accordance with your wishes;
— select a venue for the ceremony, and a restaurant for the celebration;
— get together with florists and decorators and discuss the concept of design in details, prepare a presentation of all the main positions in the sketches;
— make a detailed calculation of floristry;
— design the invitations and other stationary;
— select all the necessary specialists for your wedding; make a convenient schedule of meetings with them;
— choose and order a wedding transport;
— define the design of the wedding cake; we will taste and choose the composition of the cake;
— consult you on how to create the bride and groom’s style; we will do a make-up and hairstyle;
— plan the scenario of the wedding ceremony;
— develop a detailed timeline for the wedding day;
— offer an interesting show program, corresponding to the concept of the wedding;
— arrange a banquet menu;
— make a list of mandatory photos for the photographer, a walking tour list;
— make a seating arrangement of the guests in reception ,create the areas.
— introduce the choreographer for staging the first dance;
— choose a place or room for the newlyweds;

During the all preparation process- we will completely control every stage, as well as reporting to you.
On the wedding day — we guarantee the organization of the whole wedding process, the presence of a professional wedding coordinator, monitoring of all installation, monitoring the work of all services and specialists, compliance with timeline and scenario plan, meeting guests, resolving unpredictable situations, working with the kitchen, organizing the banquet, helping newlyweds on any issues.

We will do everything to make you feel relax on your celebration and enjoy every minute of this day !!!