Frequently asked questions

We answer the most frequently asked questions by future newlyweds.

1. How much will our wedding cost?

It is impossible to know in advance how much your wedding will cost. Each wedding organized by our agency is exclusive. As there are no identical love stories, so for us, there are no identical weddings.

Therefore, the cost can not be universal.

There are a number of factors that affect the wedding budget: the number of guests, the level of the event, the floral arrangement, the invited artists … And of course, it all depends on your wishes and your possibilities.
Our fee for the wedding planning is 10% of the total budget.

Make an appointment and after meeting with you, we will prepare a detailed estimate of your wedding cost.

2. What is the minimum budget that your wedding agency can work with?

Of course, I won’t tell you that we work with any budget. As I know for sure, that quality services can not be cheap. Moreover, we can’t agree to organize a wedding for you, unless we are sure that we can guarantee you a better result.

This year, the minimum budget for a full planned wedding is $ 20,000.
But I will remind you that we can say how much your wedding will cost, only after we find out what kind of wedding you would like to have.

3. What is the difference between wedding agencies?

Some people believe that there are cheap and expensive wedding agencies. And this is mistaken option, because all the planners have the same fee for their work.

The main difference between wedding agencies is the principles of work, professional qualities, experience and their team. And the cost of services is dictated not by the planner, but by the wedding specialists themselves, who form their price depending on the professional qualities, the situation in the wedding market and the tasks that we set before them.

Of course, each agency has its own style, which is visible enough in its works.
The most important thing is to understand that you choose not just an agency, but you choose one particular person who will be responsible for the whole team and your holiday, which will understand you and solve absolutely all the questions! And he will always be on your side !!!

4. When should we contact your event agency to start planing the wedding?

The ideal time is 3-6 months before the wedding.
In that way we can offer you the best options without the risk that they are not available, devote enough time to details and carefully work out the concept and scenario.

We can also organize a celebration in a month, but the preparation will be very quickly, and the choice of the services may be limited ,if the wedding is planned during the summer-autumn season.

5. Do you plan weddings abroad?

We work anywhere in the world!

6. What to do if we do not live in Ukraine?

Do not worry: in this case we communicate in Skype and through the mail. You will be aware of absolutely all stages of preparation, and all important points, of course, will be discussed with you.

7. Do you guarantee confidentiality?

We understand the level of our clients, therefore we guarantee confidentiality. This item is registered in our agreement, and only with your permission can we use photos and video materials for our site. For public people, we organize closed events, which are not published anywhere.

8. Does your wedding agency help us to choose a wedding dress, accessories, a costume?

We are happy to share with you our experience and knowledge regarding the selection of the wedding salon and other necessary services. Moreover, our clients become participants of the BG program, which unites the best companies and services for the wedding preparation, and have the opportunity to use bonuses and discounts!

9. Is it obligatory to order a full planned wedding, or can I refuse some services?

In most cases, our weddings are full planned.

After all, we prepare a unique project every time, selecting all the details for you. We lend a pease of our soul and put a lot of energy in order to justify your trust, so that the reputation of our agency continued to be implacable.

And all this possible, only when a professional and proven team is working, which is our team. We are responsible for the result you get on the wedding day, and of course, we can not vouch for those with whom we did not work before.

Of course, we do not mind if you have your own make-up artist, stylist or choreographer, but we recommend you to order such important services as a presenter, photographer, design, technical support in our agency. Do not risk in such an important event, entrust the preparation to someone, who will make your wedding perfect!

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