Marina & Dmitry

We want so much to thank your agency for helping us to organize our wedding! The next day almost all our friends phoned us to give thanks for the celebration, a wonderful atmosphere and a good mood! Thank you, Julia! Thank you, Catherine! There were no unsolved questions and there were no situations that you could not handle! All the wedding options were chosen and offered at the highest level.
I liked everything — the choice of a restaurant, cuisine, a musical band, photographers and videographers were wonderful ,pleasant guys, the choice of the show program, etc. And special thanks to the presenter Dmitry! Thanks to the artist — Anatoly Babich!
We wish you more clients, a lot of work, success, demand and prestige of your agency in the market of such services, be recognizable, popular and give people joy in the most important and happy moments for them!


Vasilina & Dmitry

Like any girl, you really want a special wedding. I had enough time to think what kind of wedding I want. I turned to many agencies. I was understood, as I described everything quite in details, but I did not see that spark in the eyes of planners. I would like everyone to like the process of planning. And then we got to Julia in the agency «Wedding Empire». From the first second Julia has found favor not only with me, but also with my husband (for the first time).
Julia is an incredible professional, she does everything with her heart. And these burning eyes of the planners at each meeting were some kind of drug for me. We did everything together, and in my opinion, it turned out incredible! When almost all the guests come to me to say : «This is the best wedding that we’ve ever visited» — I understood that I was not mistaken in the choice of the wedding agency! Julia and the whole team, thank you that you made this day so unforgettable, beautiful, touching and fantastic!


Vadim & Nastya

I want to thank the whole team of the «Wedding Empire» for planning our unique wedding. Everything was on a high and professional level. Special thanks to Julia Solodchenko for the fact that during the entire two months of preparation for the most exiting and important event in my life she was worrying together with me). Initially, when we came to Julia’s agency, we started to discuss all my wishes and started to plan our wedding. My main task was to make a celebration unique, starting from the dress and ending with the choice of concept and design, and meanwhile, to make everything affordable ). Thanks to Julia’s team and our wild fantasy))) we did it !!!

Many difficulties arose with the resettlement of guests, as 80% were visitors. But EMPIRE coped even with these problems, minimally involving me into them (for this ,special thanks to Catherine, who on the last day before the wedding spent the night at work ,handling everything))

Dear brides, I highly recommend you to find specialists,who will help you with preparations for your wedding. There is no matter how carefully you planned your holiday, no matter how you tried to save on it,because planing a wedding by yourself will still be shortcomings and nervousness . And on the wedding day, you are not able to fix anything, if there is not a person next to you who knows what you want, how you want, and how it should be. And even if there are any difficulties, then you do not need to think about them, for this, there is a specialist who will decide everything very quickly, without even devoting you), and unexpected situations will appear, believe me))

Concerning the impressions of my guests … everyone is incredibly happy, very surprised by the coordinated work of the team, the presenter, the musicians. They were struck by the design and in general by everything! There were some guests who were late,and could not find their way, so, dear girl Catherine met them almost on the road, near our restaurant, she showed them their table, and a minute later they were already served by a waiter). They were amazed by such attention.


Anna & Artem

Dear Julia and Catherine, as well as the other guys who participated in our wedding, whose names we, unfortunately, do not know! We want to thank everyone for all help in preparation of our wedding. After the first meeting with you, I realized that you are our salvation! Your team does a tremendous work, and we sincerely admire this work! Your responsiveness, professionalism and humanity — is your visit card. You took care of all things, not forcing us to worry! We were very touched by your sincere happiness for us, anxiety and support!I want to refer to your future clients: Newlyweds, if you need a help of professionals and people, pleasant in work, contact the «Wedding Empire»! They will help you to discover all the missed moments, refine them,to help in choosing artists and other professionals, will find the necessary equipment and decor, and most importantly — will help launch and coordinate this really complicated mechanism — a wedding. In addition, you will deal with well-posed and sympathetic people who have great patience.


Tonya & Murat

I want to thank your agency for organizing our wonderful celebration! It was difficult for me to believe in a possibility of organizing a wedding via Skype. But girls,you are great! You constantly kept us informed of even the smallest details at any time of the day and night.
You absolutely accurately got all my ideas and performed them flawlessly!
Thank you very much for the incredible patience and fulfillment of all my whims! Catherine on the wedding day just won me over with her professionalism and self-control! And thank you very much to Julia for the embodiment of the wedding of my dreams!
I wish your agency prosperity and less such fastidious brides)))


Dasha & Roman

We express our huge gratitude to the «Wedding Empire»: to you, Julia and all your «golden team»! Thank you to Vitochka, our wedding planner — you are a great professional ! Because of you everything were perfect! You guys made an unforgettable fairy tale for us !!! We could not even think that all our wishes about the wedding of our dreams will be realized by your team at such a high level! All our guests still remember this important day in our life with great enthusiasm !!! Also, many thanks to the guys: to Dima Kozhemyaka, the videographer and Dmitry Belotserkovsky,the photographer — for the original, unique and bright LoveStory and for that fanatical and creative approach to his work, which in the end, after years, will make us feel those emotions and feelings again and again, which (thanks to destiny) once led us to your agency’s doorstep!