Master of a wedding ceremonies

I organized over 200 wedding ceremonies,during the 10 years of planning weddings.

So many things were happening during the ceremonies…. People entered the ceremony in different ways: by foot,by car, by boat, they jumped, flew; on the ceremony they were crying , laughing , fainting, reading poetry, dancing, dedicating songs and many, many things happened there … and all this took a place in a different venues — in the open air, in a restaurant, in the forest glade, on the beach, on the football field, on the beautiful terraces …

And I am absolutely sure that the wedding ceremony is the most important and touching moment of the wedding celebration.

Because this is a moment of creation of a new family, and exactly in this moment all the relatives and friends, with bated breath, admire the newlyweds, and this moment will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.
Together with our couples, we always pay special attention to this part of the celebration: we choose the best venue for the ceremony, the style and format of the event, we visualize the floristic decoration and decor, fill with emotional components, and of course ,we discuss what will be the speech of a presenter in the ceremony.


At some point, observing from the side the emotions of the couple during the ceremony, and wiping away fond tears, I realized that I would like to hold this ceremony ,I would like to tell the couple this very important, touching, exciting words, that they will understand, and I would like to congratulate parents, to look into the newlyweds’ eyes and feel their boundless happiness !!!! After all, during the wedding preparation, we become close friends, I learn their love story, see their relationship, I know what they expect from this celebration. It’s easy for us to find a common ground and we do not need additional rehearsals, since we are going through the whole process of preparation together from the very beginning …

And now, within three years, with a great pleasure ,I have been performing ceremonies for my dear newlyweds. I think my understanding of what is happening, the knowledge and experience, gives the couple a confidence ,that their wedding ceremony will be really sensual, sincere and unique!

Personally for me, I defined a few basic rules for planning a wedding ceremony:

1. Do not insist on vows, if at least one of the couple has a silver of a doubt, uncertainty or embarrassment;

2. The master of a wedding ceremony and the event presenter- are different people; the master of ceremonies absolutely can’t hold a wedding ceremony and entertain the guests itself, otherwise the whole ceremony looks like a farce.

3. Rehearsal of the wedding ceremony is mandatory. And all the participants of the procession must be presented there (the bride,the groom,the witnesses, the wedding coordinator, the bride’s father and the planner);

4. The wedding ceremony should fully reflect the couple’s relationship, their temperament and personality;

5. It is always should be a backup version for the ceremony venue, in case of a bad weather and other unforeseen circumstances;

6. A small reception before the ceremony always helps to hold it without fuss, smoothly and according to all the rules of etiquette;

7. Presence of chairs for guests at the ceremony is really very important. So the general view of the ceremony will be more beautiful and completed, and guests will appreciate the care of their comfort and convenience.

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