The most beautiful places for a wedding in Kiev and the region

The most important stage in wedding preparation is the choice of a restaurant.

Where to celebrate the wedding? Often this issue becomes one of the most difficult, as the restaurant must meet criteria: the presence of a picturesque place or a beautiful hall for the wedding ceremony, the level of the restaurant , the quality of food and service, location, etc.

Actually, it is not easy to make a choice, because you need personally to go round and see all the possible options, tasting the banquet menu, negotiate and provide all the details.

That’s why I decided to make a short review of the most successful wedding venues .

This is an independent evaluation, based on the experience of organized celebrations by our agency. Each place has its advantages and other “interesting” moments, which we know, which we can smooth out and make an excellent celebration, that meets all our client’s wishes .

We always find the ideal option,that is suitable exactly for your event and that is appropriate to the number of your guests. We know all the best banquet areas, country complexes, restaurants near the water, summer terraces. And we also know, when a new restaurant opens! So let us introduce you the list, and in the future we will expand it of the most beautiful and interesting wedding venues. You can also share your places and impressions in the comments of the article. So, I’ll start with the most popular restaurants for a wedding in Kiev.

1. Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv is a luxurious venue which is designed for the most pompous weddings with ample opportunities in the capital of Ukraine.

Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv is located in the historical part of Kyiv – Podil district.

The unique atmosphere, magnificent interiors, courteous staff, signature dishes – perfectly cooked and beautifully served, – makes Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv an ideal place for weddings of the highest level.

The hotel boasts of two main ceremonial halls that amaze you with their luxury and incredible attractiveness. The interior of the halls is fulfilled mainly in white and gold colors, ceilings are decorated with large, sparkling chandeliers that provide excellent lighting. The decor of the halls is made in a classical style with elements of the palace architecture.

The halls at Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv allow you to comfortably locate not only guests and newlyweds but also a stage, a dance floor, a recreation area etc. The Atrium is a hall with a stained-glass ceiling, marble walls and perfect acoustics that can easily accommodate up to 180 guests and the largest ballroom in Kyiv for large-scale events with a maximum quantity of guests up to 700 people. There is also Ballroom Foyer where photo zone or welcome cocktail prior to banquet area can be organized.

Our last weddings at Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv were organized for Eugenia & Alexander, and Misha & Lisa.

2. Regent Hill – a new place that opened its doors at the end of 2016.

Regent Hill

Event-hall is located on the Zverinitsky hill, surrounded by greenery of the Grisko Botanical Garden and a panorama of the Dnipro River.

Banquet Hall has two rooms: Fireplace and Large. The interior of the Fireplace room is made in classical style in beige tones with tens of thousands of crystal chandelier elements that are reflected in mirrors, creating a solemn atmosphere. This room is excellent for meeting guests before the banquet, for lounge and Cocktail zones.

The main hall is made in the Empire style, enriched by the texture of the walls with interactive lighting, that could change the color range of space depending on the color palette of your wedding. The main advantage of the hall is a ten-meter open ceiling ,that can be hung at any point in the hall, providing the opportunity to realize any director’s and decorator’s ideas, than earlier in Ukraine were not possible. Huge chandeliers, marble, large mirrors make the hall solemn and pompous.
Also, in the hall there is a stage and all the necessary technical equipment – light and a huge screen.
Capacity – is up to 250 people in a banquet room.
Our last wedding in Regent Hill was organized for Alex & Roza.

3. Prague Restaurant – is rightly considered to be the most romantic restaurant in the capital.

Celebrations of the highest level and incredible beauty are taking place there.

The ancient mansion is located in a well-tended park area, among perennial trees, on the shore of a picturesque lake, with white and black swans. Now it is a restored magnificent building with columns, that remind a small European palace.

And there is a really special atmosphere here – beauty, tranquility and coziness.
We offer several areas for celebration to our couples …
Our favorite place is a light, spacious tent of unusual form on the pontoon. With impressive and magnificent view of the lake and green park !!!

In this tent,you can place a banquet with guests 50 – 80 people, for a comfortable seating arrangement. In this case, it will be possible to establish a scene for musicians and leave enough space for performances by artists and dances.

A large green lawn, located near the lake, allows you to organize a beautiful wedding ceremony in nature, or you can put a spacious tent for a banquet.

The two-story building of the restaurant Prague has several halls of different sizes.
A large column hall of the second floor, made in aristocratic style, and is suitable for an elegant wedding for 30-40 invited guests. Panoramic windows and a forged balcony open a beautiful view of the lake. The only thing,is that the interior requires to plan and organize the correct arrangement of tables, and the general zoning of the hall.
If you are planning a celebration for the closest, then you will need a mirror room or library.

On the ground floor – Is situated a Veranda, with its own patio and fountain. Its capacity is up to 100 people. Large panoramic windows, which you can open fully, enjoy the summer breeze and birds’ singing, are looking out onto the lake and the beautiful nature.

In form, the hall resembles a square , respectively, with a large number of guests, they will not be able to see each other. But you can also use one half of the Veranda, for the celebration with 30 – 35 people.
A beautiful summer terrace can serve as a place for a wedding ceremony, as well as a place for a zone of greeting or a lounge zone.

Well-groomed territory of the park gives an opportunity to make stunning photos from the celebration.
And, of course, the cuisine of the restaurant Prague is a real peace of art!

To sum up: incredible cuisine, excellent location, friendly and professional staff, wonderful views …
With no doubts , we recommend this venue for a luxurious wedding!

4. Grand Admiral Resort & SPA


Five-star country club Grand Admiral Resort & SPA is located in 15 km from Kiev in a pine forest, in a protected area of 23 hectares.
High perennial pines, fresh air, a forest lake, unique landscape solutions, there are a lot of services for a country holiday for any taste.
Our last weddings at Grand Admiral Resort & SPA were organized for : Dasha and the Wedding Empire, the Garden of Eden. Denis & Olya.

5. Mozart Restaurant


Our last wedding at Mozart’s restaurant was organized for Toma and Vitaly.

6. Castle of love


Wedding in the Castle is the perfect place, if you are dreaming about something really unusual, fabulous and impressive !!!

Recently, we had the opportunity to organize a wedding ceremony for our couple there, and we can say for sure, that this event will remain in the couple’s memory and the memory of every guest, as an extraordinary and very beautiful celebration.

The interiors of the castle serve as excellent decorations for weddings and private celebrations: a large hall with a fireplace, a high ceiling and elegant, stained glass windows can hold up to 60 guests. On the top floor there is a spacious bedroom for the newlyweds, with a royal bed and a bathroom.

Also, there are zones on the air on the castle’s territory , a lake and a separate tower, in which your guests can stay for several days.

In order to celebrate your event in this beautiful place, you need a planner who will provide comfort to your guests and will deal with all issues, in accordance with the requirements and rules of the castle.

This is a private residence, so the territory is completely closed to strangers visitors and does not have a permanent kitchen, banquet furniture and also guest toilet rooms.

But you should not worry about it. We will organize for you a full wedding banquet with the preparation of delicious dishes, we will provide the entire infrastructure, take care of all the details, and you will enjoy the perfect celebration and magnificence of this unique place !!!

You can hold a wedding ceremony in the castle, a festive dinner, a photo session, and also, you can stay there for a few days.

7. KNZS (Central Park of Koncha-Zaspa)


This is a hotel- restaurant complex, which is located on the territory of the country hotel “Club 1812”.
The restaurant is made in the best traditions of that times. Picturesque area, fresh air, coniferous forest, river … And also , exquisite rooms for guests and organization of bride’s morning, territory for a wedding photo session and the most beautiful wedding ceremony. One of the main attractions of this place is the 600 year old oak, where a wedding ceremony is usually held.

The interior of the Winter Garden is a controversial issue for modern brides. The interior design of the complex,is made in the spirit of the 19th century, and creates an atmosphere of the past: a large number of paintings with portraits of Kutuzov and Napoleon, chairs with red upholstery, a red carpet throughout the hall, and a white grand piano that serves only for the interior.

Therefore, for those who want classical elegance and refinement of design, you will need to take care of the additional decor – white carpet, beautiful festive furniture, and you can change existing pictures or remove them at all.

In general, the large two-story space of this restaurant is an excellent place for a wedding to 90 people.
The hall is light, spacious, solemn, and the huge ceiling height gives it even more magnificence!

Another wedding venue is situated directly on the water. The summer tent accommodates up to 80 people and is an excellent option if you are dreaming about a wedding in nature.
Exactly the charming atmosphere of this place, the beauty of the territory and the cosiness, create unforgettable emotions and impressions of the time that you spent here!

Our last weddings in KNZS (Central Park Koncha-Zaspa) was organized for Lisa & Denis; Anna & Artem.

8. Leo Club – premium restaurant


Luxurious interior, gallant staff, friendly atmosphere and unique , great cuisine -this place is rightly considered as a perfect for celebrating a European wedding. We always offer it to our clients!
The restaurant has a very convenient location -it is situated near the European Square in Khreshchaty Park, so you are in the center of the city, but in a beautiful corner of the park.
The main banquet hall “Golden Hall” is worthy of royal receptions: it has two tiers, beautiful balconies, a stage, a make-up room and a place for comfortable accommodation of 50-60 guests. The interior will amaze you with its splendor!
As Leo does not have a large territory near the restaurant, the wedding ceremony can be held in an open balcony of the “Terassa” hall or in “Riviera” hall.
The Riviera Hall is also a great option for those ,who want to celebrate a wedding in a select company of the closest people (a festive dinner for 15-20 people). This room with a balcony has a magnificent view of the old Kiev and the Dnipro.
The “Terassa” hall is light, cozy, spacious, designed for 45 people.
The Moroccan courtyard, is designed in the style of French Morocco, and is ideal for the Wellcome zone, where guests gather before the event and spend time chatting and enjoying the stunning views of the Dnipro river, the green sea of Trukhanov Island, Podil and Obolon from a bird’s eye view .
LEO – is really the best and almost the only one in this segment!
You can watch our last wedding in the Leo Club restaurant here

9. Sobi Club is one of the most popular wedding venues.


First of all, because of reasonable prices, spacious banquet rooms and good food. There was always a preparation for a banquet ,every time I came there, – on Thursday, Friday or for the weekend!

On the picturesque territory of the country complex in 25 hectares there are a lake, banquet halls, a summer terrace, tents of different sizes, a hotel with a divers entertaining structure: SPA, pool, sauna, houses.

The main place for the wedding celebrations – is a large spacious hall, with a capacity of up to 150 people. Modern design, interior in light colors, and the lack of extra decor- all this allow you to decorate it in any style.
Mainly ,we make European ,round table seating arrangement, for this we use our furniture.

In front of the entrance to the banquet hall there is a covered summer terrace, which can be used for a ceremony or a champagne reception,that is very convenient if the weather does not allow you to stay outdoor.
If you want to invite about 200 guests to the celebration, the perfect venue is a tent, located in a pine forest near the banks of the Dnipro river, in the territory of Sobi Club.

Our last wedding in the restaurant Sobi Club was organized for Artem & Maria, Sergey & Daria.

10.”Mayachok” restaurant


This private club is located on the shore of the picturesque Dnipro river, where are located the tents- the main place for the celebration. They are situated directly on the water, one tent accommodates up to 50 guests, the second one- up to 25 (that is great for a welcome zone or lounge zone).

Moreover, there, on a specially built pontoon near the water, we can organize a wedding ceremony with a spectacular view of the river surface.

An alternative to the ceremony on the pontoon is a cool and cozy,covered with grapes summer terrace.
Club “Mayachok” is famous for its exquisite European cuisine and modern Ukrainian cuisine of organic products!

11. Hotel-restaurant complex “Three Musketeers”


Greenery, space, fresh air! It is a sincere place for celebrations. Three Musketeers have a large beautiful territory and summer tents for celebrating weddings in nature.
If you are planning to invite a large number of guests, then an excellent solution for you will be a huge summer tent, which can accommodate up to 250 people.
The tent with a white airy ceiling looks very stylish and in European style,also, there is a swimming pool near it, and an open area, where you can hold a ceremony or use this space for guests’ relaxation.
The Royal tent is suitable for weddings with up to 60 people ,it is decorated in cream color and the tent “White Terrace”,is located on the second floor of the banquet hall – can accommodate up to 35 guests.
I would call this place as a cottage town, where you can not only celebrate a wedding, but also spend a vacation. This complex has everything – cozy houses, where you can accommodate all your guests, a swimming pool, arbors, sauna, a playground, and of course, an excellent kitchen.
You can watch our last wedding in the “Three Musketeers” complex here.

12. “Mountain Creek” Country residence


The residence “Mountain Creek” is located near Kiev, in a quiet cozy place – Gora village.
It is a good place for wedding celebrations with up to 60 guests.
The banquet hall of the residence favorably differs from other locations with its external interior – the hall is separate and completely glass – its panoramic windows give an opportunity to enjoy the nature and greenery.

Recently, we held a wedding there, and were pleasantly surprised – the interior was updated, – now, walls have a classic white color , and the tiles on the floor – are light and glossy !!!

A crystal chandelier in the center of the room, fireplace, nice furniture – there is everything that allows you to work with the space of this location and try new, interesting stylistic solutions in design …

The territory is very green and beautiful, it is possible to choose several locations for the wedding ceremony, a buffet table and other areas.
One of the important facts is the availability of rooms,different in the interior and location – there are rooms with balconies, terraces, detached houses, a two-level cottage with a sauna, a room for newlyweds, and also,a secure parking and a playground.

Our agency is especially pleased that all the staff of the Mountain Creek is friendly, polite and professionally perform their work (special thanks to the waiters!).
It is nice to work in such pleasant atmosphere 🙂

Our last wedding in the “Mountain Creek” was organized for A & I, Marina and Dmitry.

13. Perfect Place.


It is a magnificent location with a tent, a terrace, a green area in Kiev ,with a view of the Dnipro river.
This place is a private property, closed to free access, and this is the best guarantee that nobody will disturb your celebration.

The main area is a tent (450 sq.m), draped with a light airy fabric. Depending on the weather and your wishes it can be opened or completely closed. Its capacity is up to 250 people.

A design of the tent is neutral enough ,so you can decorate it as you want. Of course, we will offer you a beautiful furniture, exquisite serving, elegant Chiavari chairs, decor, and your celebration will be decorated in a really unique, stylish way – as on those European pictures, that you often bring us as a sample of your perfect wedding 🙂

There is a separate area for the wedding ceremony, with a beautiful view of the Dnipro river. And with a help of availability of the pier you can get to the ceremony by water !!!
Also, there are two open tents on the territory of Perfect Place, – there you can organize different zones (welcome zone, photo zones, game zones or master classes) – realize all that can create your imagination .

We will treat your guests with delicious meals and guarantee the best quality and service, as we work with the best catering company – a catering restaurant. I can assure you that we have something to amaze you !!!
Of course, in Perfect Place there is a utility room and all the necessary things for kitchen services.
There is a forest on one side, the Dnipro on the other, and there is a fresh air everywhere.

So we will be happy to plan your fantastic and beautiful wedding in this place !!!

Where to hold a wedding in Kiev?

This is just a small part of the venues that we can offer you.
And only at a personal meeting, when we will hear your wishes, we will select and present other interesting locations that we check carefully, offering only the best options for our clients.

Our agency is an exclusive partner of the owners of the venues :”The Castle of Love”, “Perfect Place” and some other places.
If you are interested in rental conditions and other organizational matters, call us: +380671271323

Together, we will visit restaurants, tents, terraces, castles, country complexes and all chosen locations for you. Therefore, we will be able to show everything that is hidden from the first glance, pay attention to other subtleties and nuances, and also, we can offer you special conditions for planning and holding your celebration!

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